What Our Clients Say

“Milton's tree service does outstanding work, professionally managed, timely work habit , courteous work crew.
Explained the process well.
No community disruption.
I have seen plenty of tree removal services.
Milton has his act together and love what he does and it shows.

Just watching the crew work together is an amazing process.
Well planned time efficient work crew.
Thank you again!”

Jacob K. | Tree Removal | June 2020

“Milton’s Tree Care Services provided outstanding service. The did a well executed job with there highly professional staff, high quality machinery. This was completed in excellent timing. I love this company!!”

Salai S.O. | Tree Services | October 2020

“Milton's went to my house while I was on vacation to take down a nearly dead, two - story tall apple tree. When I returned from vacation, I could barely notice that there had been a tree there at all! Perfectly done, and they billed me and patiently waited for me to pay (I was forgetful). Thank you, Milton's!”

Diane Q. | Tree Removal | October 2020

“Miltons Tree Service has cut down numerous dead trees in my community. MTS did a fantastic job cutting down each tree. The crew was very prompt and professional and I highly recommend them for their services and prices.”

Miltin P. | Tree Service | Washington DC

“This company is awesome! Milton is very knowledgeable and actually loves trees, so his care for them is reflected in how he works. He did cut several trees down that were damaging our home, but the ones that he pruned or reshaped were done with great expertise and great care. He gave me a lot of good advice about our yard as well. He and his crew worked hard and did a ton of work in a day for a good price. They cleaned up great, even sweeping up the debris from the street. I will not look further if I need any tree services again, and neither should you!!! Seriously, you will be in great hands with Milton and his crew!”

Betsy M. | Tree Prunning and Tree Trimming | Upper Marlboro, MD

“Milton's Tree Care did a wonderful job! They arrived on the scheduled date & time and quickly removed a small tree, ground the stump, hauled away all the mess and branches, and swept up. I was able to replant in that spot immediately. Plus it didn't cost a fortune. So for big jobs or small call Milton, you won't be disappointed.”

Deborah S. | Tree Removal | Washington DC