Calvert County MD Stump Grinding

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Calvert County MD Stump Grinding


Calvert County MD Stump Grinding Milton’s Tree Care Service in Upper Marlboro, MD provides a wide range of services that will help keep your trees healthy and vibrantly green. Our team of professional arborists can help improve the appearance of trees outside your home or office by cutting out dead branches and trimming it. We can also thin live branches from mature trees to improve its conditions. Contact our tree removal, tree trimming, and stump removal specialists today for all your tree removal, tree trimming, and stump removal needs in Washington DC. Trust the experience and expertise of Milton’s Tree Care Service to provide you with an excellent service at an affordable price. ISA Certified Arborist license #1812


Milton’s Tree Care Services provides Tree Trimming and Pruning, Tree Removal, Stump Grinding, and Emergency Tree Services. We also offer 24/7 Storm Clean up to the Upper Marlboro, MD, and surrounding areas.


Our tree removal process it starts with evaluating the tree and formulating a plan for removal. Once the rigging has been set in place the climber will cut and lower all necessary limbs. Sometimes these pieces will be cut and dropped to the ground. If there is not enough room to simply drop the pieces they will be lowered with ropes.


When a tree hits the ground is when the magic happens. Our ground arborists will instinctively cut everything so that it can be placed on the right truck. All limbs, branches and logs under 12 inches will be ran through the wood chipper and turned into usable mulch. All wood over ten inches in diameter will be cut into log lengths. Once all of the large pieces of the tree have been removed the crew will then clean the yard.


Calvert County MD Stump Grinding


Calvert County MD Stump Grinding Trees, whether planted for privacy or beauty, are truly magnificent. Whether it’s decaying and posing a threat to your safety, or it’s diseased, it takes the experience and knowledge of a professional to take care of removing your tree.

Our mission is to provide quality work with a level of service your trust for all of our tree care services.


Owner Milton Munoz and his team have been servicing the Upper Marlboro area for their entire tree and shrub trimming and removal needs since 2000. He is am a hands-on professional who will never let you down. Excellent service at the affordable price.



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Calvert County MD Stump Grinding